/6 Adrenaline Activities on the Gold Coast

6 Adrenaline Activities on the Gold Coast

Written by: Dave Owen

Are you a risk taker, soul shaker, memory maker? There are few better places on the planet to find a massive range of adrenaline activities than the Gold Coast, Australia. Even if you’re not usually one to seek an adrenaline rush, the beauty and range of activities available at the Gold Coast just might tempt you.

Whether you’re looking to slip a toe out of your comfort zone or blow it up for good, the range of skydiving, zip lining, jet boating, theme parks, and more on the Gold Coast means you can get the right dose of adrenaline for you, all wrapped up in one of the most beautiful locations in the country.

We’ve ranked six of our favourite adrenaline activities on the Gold Coast from relatively tame all the way up to holy-cow-I can’t-believe-I-did-that.

Theme parks

Theme parks are the perfect litmus test for anybody looking to test their limits. They allow you to do your fair share of hurtling (but hopefully not hurling) around, all while safely strapped up tight.

Which is handy, because the Gold Coast has loads of brilliant theme parks. You can ride the roller coasters at DreamWorld or Warner Bros. Movie World, or make the most of the amazing weather on the water slides and rides at Wet ‘n’ Wild or WhiteWater World. A great time is guaranteed, and if you want to chase that feeling you might consider stepping things up a level…

SkyPoint Climb

The famous SkyPoint Climb still sees you safely strapped in, but you’ll be going higher than any roller coaster will ever take you, and all under your own steam. The climb is found at the top of the Q1 building, the tallest in the southern hemisphere at 1,106ft. You’ll be given a robust harness to help you climb the outside of the skyscraper right to the top. Here, although your heart is likely to be pounding, it’ll be tempered by one of the best views in Australia.

SURFERS PARADISE – OCT 29 2014:Visitors during Skypoint climbe from Skypoint Observation Deck of Q1 building Gold Coast Queensland Australia.It’s the world’s fifth tallest residential building.

Jet boating

The only heights involved in jet boating are bouncing over the tops of waves at tremendous speed and trying not to throw up your lunch (which would probably get quite a lot of height).

Jet boating is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a boat skimming across the ocean at up to 90kph, performing physics-defying twists and spins along the way. You’ll be wearing a life jacket, even though the chances of falling in are fairly slim. Unlike another popular activity…


The fear-level of surfing will vary depending on your ability – if you’re a competent surfer you can slide this down a level or two. If you’re a rookie, the Gold Coast’s respectable swell and your general lack of being strapped to anything is guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping.

The Aussies take surfing seriously. There’s a whole city in the Gold Coast called Surfers Paradise! The waves here are big enough to pose a challenge for beginners and offer plenty of thrills to more experienced surfers. There are few better ways to enjoy the Gold Coast’s incredible beaches.


It’s time to get high again – over 60 metres high as you zoom through the tree tops on a range of fixed 

The Canyon Flyer is Australia’s highest, largest, and fastest guided zip-line tour, featuring seven lines that crisscross Cedar Creek Canyon and take you rushing up to 70 kilometres per hour. This is easily one of the most extreme activities on the Gold Coast, guaranteed to get your adrenaline surging.


Now we’re really talking! If SkyPoint gave yoThe Gold Coast is one of the best places in Australia – and possibly the world – to skydive. You’ll have an unrivalled view of the entire area, and how many other skydives let you land right on the soft sand of the beach? Just make sure you keep your eyes open to appreciate it all.u a taste for heights, the only way to satisfy it now is to go up in a plane and, well, chuck yourself out of it.